Fast CheckIn

Ticket Scanner

        The two most important aspects of technology are rapid delivery and data security. On the basis of these two we from the team of “” have come up with our latest application “The ticket scanner”.The ticket scanner is a scanning tool that has been meticulously created for event hosts to scan and checkIn their audiences into the event arena.

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        The Ticket scanner is an intelligent application which can be used in any type of event.

       It has been loaded with features and can be used in two modes to perform the tasks.

  1. Ticket scanning,
    • Using bluetooth connected scanner
    • Using USB connected scanner
  2. Manual ticket Check-In
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Bluetooth connected scanner

With the ticket scanner, we can also scan the tickets at the checkin points at the event arena by connecting the scanner via bluetooth to the PC (or laptop)

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USB connected scanner

At stationed check in points, we can simply connect the scanner to the PC (or laptop) via USB cable and scan the tickets

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Manual ticket Checkin

Tickets can be checked in even without an external scanning device using “The Ticket scanner” by searching the given order ID in the search box, and the exact ticket could be loaded and checked-in manually.