Why Choose Us

Why Choose TheTicketWorld.com?

Choose TheTicketWorld.com for a winning combination of affordability, expert support, technology, and community commitment. Your events are in good hands!


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Maximize your earnings with our budget-friendly platform.

Expert Support

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Expert Support

We're with you every step of the way, even on-site.

Innovative Technology

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Innovative Technology

We invest in cutting-edge tech for your success.

Local Commitment

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Local Commitment

Free check-in services in Michigan and Texas, supporting local events and communities.

TheTicketWorld.com Others
Fees Lowest in market, Transparent and no Hidden Fees Varies
Service Onsite support Onsite support
Support Expert support Limited
Cutting-Edge Checkin Capabilities Yes No

Build and Engage Your Community with us

Email Marketing Made Simple

With TheTicketWorld.com, you can effortlessly engage your community using our email marketing tools. Subscribe to theticketworld.com Boost, and you can send emails without any contact limits. Plus, you get up to 10,000 daily sends. What's more, our open rates are a remarkable 59% higher than the industry average.

Know Your Audience Inside Out

Understanding your audience is key, and we provide the tools to help you do just that. With TheTicketWorld.com, you can access audience reports and insights. Discover where your ticket sales are coming from and gain detailed information about your ticket buyers and event attendance. It's all about knowing your community.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Automation

Keep your community engaged and your events in the spotlight. We offer automated event notifications that remind your audience about upcoming events. Plus, you'll receive updates when event-goers attend, "Follow," or "Like" your events. It's all about staying connected effortlessly.

Choose TheTicketWorld.com for simplified community building, effective email marketing, in-depth audience insights, and easy event automation. Let's make your events a hit together!

Helping you grow and promote your events

Discover Your Audience

Did you know 1 out of 4 tickets sold on TheTicketWorld.com comes from event-goers seeking unique experiences? We provide personalized recommendations in our consumer app and newsletters to connect you with attendees looking for your events.

Boost Your Reach

With TheTicketWorld.com Boost, you'll have all the tools you need to power your event's growth. It's an all-in-one marketing platform tailored for events. Save time with smart social media ad tools that expand your reach through precise audience targeting.

Social Media Made Easy

Sharing your events is a breeze with us. You can easily post your events on Facebook or LinkedIn directly from your TheTicketWorld.com account. It positions you as the go-to online ticket seller in your industry with more impressions, clicks, and shares. It's all about making your events a hit!

Choose TheTicketWorld.com for straightforward event promotion, attendee discovery, and effortless social media sharing. Let's take your events to the next level!

Best tools to create and sell tickets

Create and Sell Tickets with Ease

Creating and selling tickets online with TheTicketWorld.com is a breeze. Simply post your event, set up your professional online ticketing system, and generate tickets for both in-person and virtual events in just minutes.

Payouts on Your Terms

You have control with TheTicketWorld.com. Set up online ticket payouts for your events on a terms that suits you best. Get paid quickly and conveniently.

Customize Your Event Pages

We empower you to offer a seamless online ticket purchasing experience. Customize your event pages from the first headline to checkout, engaging and informing your audience every step of the way.

Stay in the Know with Our App

TheTicketWorld.com App keeps you on top of things. Monitor on-site and online ticket sales, complete attendee check-ins, and access real-time data while on the move. It's a user-friendly mobile app designed to make your event management a breeze.

Choose TheTicketWorld.com for creating events effortlessly, selling tickets with the right tools, customizing event pages, and staying in control of your event finances. We're here to support your event's success